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We believe that value is very important to the student, therefore our goal is to make you a better skipper with our learning system. Then with that knowledge, you can qualify for a USCG Captain’s license. We give the test and assist you throughout the process to ensure success. Personal contact with the instructor is vital to success.

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Personal Instruction
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OUPV "Six Pack" Classroom Course $795
Masters Upgrade Classroom Course $395
Towing Endorsement Classroom Course $195
Auxiliary Sail Classroom Course $195
Marine Radio Operator Permit Study Guide $95

Student Testimonials

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I received over the weekend my long awaited MMC.  All of you were pivotal during the process. I researched numerous companies that offered the course work; my choice was an excellent one.  The material was outstanding.  Ron also provided much support from beginning to end. I’ve already stated a number of times, Captain Andy was exceptional.  I can only imagine the increased expertise he will display and share when he teaches the course next. Ashley was extremely supportive and helpful during the application process.  I was able to observe the work she somewhat does in the background, what an important person in the True Course organization.


Norman Burkhardt