About us

We believe that value is very important to the student, therefore our goal is to make you a better skipper with our learning system. Then with that knowledge, you can qualify for a USCG Captain’s license.

We give the test and assist you throughout the process to ensure success. Personal contact with the instructor is vital to success.

We have developed our learning systems to include the 4 most effective ways adults learn… Show and Tell, Audio, visual and non complex study manuals to assure successful learning skills, and with this knowledge you’ll be prepared when testing.

Mission Statement

  • To provide proven a professionally managed US Coast Guard licensing courses which depends on and expands the knowledge of the mariner.
  • To build confidence in the skill level of each skipper through education
  • To enhance the safety at sea for all mariners through knowledge and professional development
  • To provide all mariners the opportunity to obtain a US Coast Guard Captain’s license through a well definded USCG approved education program.

    Captain Ronald Getter