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Which class should I take to get my guide license?

OUPV or “6 Pack” is the beginning class and is where you start for just about everything else. OUPV/6 Pack is the initial captain’s license for those who wish to charter 6 paying passengers or less on their vessel. Once you have the OUPV license, you can add upgrade to the Master level captain license and add additional endorsements such as towing or sail.

Master is for 7 paying passengers or more, such as dive boats, dinner tour boats, etc… It is considered “graduate” level boating knowledge and is often required by insurance companies to deliver larger boats.

gold-anchor Common Questions

What are the requirements for a coast guard license?

Beyond passing the test you need a drug test and belong to a random consortium. You need a US Coast Guard physical similar to a Department of Transportation physical. You need a first aid (adult) CPR certification, AED (automatic defibrillator) certification and apply for Transportation Worker Card (TWC) for background/homeland security check.

You need 360 days boating experience (a day is considered 4 hours or more on the water, not necessarily on your boat).

gold-anchor Common Questions

How much is the whole thing going to cost?

  • Cost of the class = varies, but the basic starting OUPV class is $795
  • Test fee = $95 (OUPV only, test fee is built into the other courses’ fee)
  • Drug screening fee = $95
  • Physical exam (through TrueCourse) = $96
  • First Aid and CPR/AED = $75

Additional 3rd party costs:

  • Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) background check = $127.50
  • USCG application fee = $145