USCG License Test

USCG License Test for OUPV - This license is required for carrying up to 6 passengers for hire. It can be used for entry level Delivery Captains or mates, or Captains of private boats for short cruises. This is a frequent license used for fishing guides. This is also a great license for the private owner that wishes to become a better Skipper of his own vessel. The course teaches you to be a competent boat pilot. The class is 56 hours long and is scheduled, in most locations, not to interfere with your work schedule.

Upcoming Classroom Schedule - $95

Essex, MD 2018

January 24, 5p - 10p


Chattanooga, TN 2018

January 24, 5p - 10p



Chestertown, MD 2018

February 21, 5p - 10p


Cincinnati, OH 2018

February 14, 5p - 10p


Knoxville, TN 2018

February 14, 5p - 10p


Green Turtle Bay 2018

April 15, 1p - 5p


Louisville, KY 2018

May 30, 5p - 10p